The Magic of Happiness: Transforming Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thinking
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This is a series of charity fundraiser events with the goal to raise 5 million HK dollars towards cancer patients and children with rare diseases. The beneficiaries are the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre and Lifewire. Both of these organizations persist to raise public awareness towards cancer patients and children with extensive medical needs.

Kat Lai is the convener of this charity fundraiser. She is an aromatherapy consultant and hypnotherapist trainer with over than 20 years of experience. She is also the creator of the dinning therapy concept of ‘Afternoon Tea Set’. This concept incorporates the use of our five senses by helping everyone shape and create their own hopes and dreams.

We all need ‘positive energy’ in our busy lives, we can do this by arising the importance of ‘positive thinking’ through the ‘magic of happiness’. To understand the ‘magic’ is to be happy, and by so doing, help us to face and transform negative environments. Would you like to transform negativity into positivity when we are facing difficulties? Kat does hope so. By introducing her book ‘Magic of Happiness’ Kat will share her ‘magical ways’ on how to transfer negativity into positivity. This is achieved by using her knowledge as an aroma therapist and her personal experiences in the past 16 months. Having closed her 15-year-old aromatherapy shop in Soho, she then broke up with her partner after eight years relationship. Few months later, her mother died from blood cancer after 6 weeks of suffering. All these events coming to one person in such a short period could lead to depression, instead, she became very positive, and used her ‘personal energy’ to transform these negative events into positive ones. Planning these fundraising events (The Magic of Happiness: Empowering Positive Energy) for more than a year is part of these transformations.

Let’s embrace our lives with the first charity ‘Aroma’ book in Hong Kong

Kat Lai sincerely hopes that people will benefit from reading her book. At the same time, she is very pleased to announce those who have supported this book. We are honored to have Mr. Shum Yat Fei, Mr. Lau Tin Chi, Prof. Chan Chi Fat (SBS, JP), Prof. Lo Yuk Lam, and Dr. Henry Cheung (Psychiatrist) who wrote the preface of this book.

In addition to the publication of the book ‘Magic of Happiness’, we will launch the ‘Positive Energy Channel’ in a social platform which will make people smile in April 2019. This hopes to promote positive energy messages to the public and arise public’s attention towards to emotion health.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Magic Of Happiness
‘The way to protect your heart is nothing but an idiom, happiness and sincerity.’ "The Doctrine of the Mean" said: "God’s way is heaven"; "I sincere and nothing". Treat yourself sincerely, treat people with sincerity, be honest, sincere and, you can live happily forever! "
MR SHUM YAT-FEI, Columnist
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Thanks to the friends who have purchased the "Magic of Happiness", thank you for your kindness! The funds raised by the publisher will be deposited directly into the "Maggie's Cancer Caring Center". Thanks again for your kind support!
Build Hope & Share Love
Through these series of charitable events, including the publication of the book ‘Magic of Happiness’ she will share her personal life and experiences on how to create your own world by an idea. It means if people have an idea, they can transform this idea into reality (Kat’s book will introduce this concept in details). In other words, what she wants to emphasis is that as long as you have an idea, this idea can lead to actions, which can come true through the ‘magic of happiness’.

These charity events were also created by the idea onto help others in which Kat asked herself ‘why not writing a book? ‘Not after this idea appeared, she then endeavor to find writers, interpreters, editors, publishers and sponsors. All these led to the publishing of her book, guaranteeing in this way its success. She is glad to let everyone be witness of her own hopes and dreams in making these series of events a reality.

Do you have any dreams?  Are you enduring the brutal reality with the belief that you would finally achieve that goal? Do you believe in your own abilities? If you are hesitating about answering these questions, then you should read this book and be inspired. This book consists of seventeen different thematic stories, which are related to Kats healing concept of ‘Afternoon Tea Set’. Through the fascinating stories, you will learn about the ‘magic of happiness’, and perhaps write your own new chapter for your own life and to be guided ever after.
Maggie's Cancer
Caring Centre
Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre offers various professional services to cancer patients, their family members, friends or carers. Maggie’s Centre is based in Tuen Mun Hospital, within walking distance from its oncology department. All of their services are offered free of charge.
As we speak, there are hundreds of people close to us seeking medical funding support, with your generosity and their courage, together we can make miracles happen. We at Lifewire believe the power to change lives lies with the community. Lifewire is the very first crowdfunding platform for healthcare in Hong Kong.
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